In the UK, motorcycles are exempt from the £11.50 per day London congestion charge[14] that other vehicles must pay to enter the city during the day. Motorcycles are also exempt from toll charges at such river crossings as the Severn Bridge, Dartford Crossing, and Mersey Tunnels. Such cities as Bristol provide dedicated free parking and allow motorcycles to use bus lanes. In the United States, motorcycles may use high-occupancy vehicle lanes in accordance with federal law [15] and pay a lesser fee on some toll roads. Other countries have similar policies.

Enjoy the confident feel of a boxer with an upright and relaxed riding position, coupled with modern technology. Choose from countless customizing options to integrate your own unique ideas. The R nineT Urban G/S makes a clear statement: It pays tribute to the early days of BMW Motorrad's G/S success story. Just one look and it's clear that the R nineT Urban G/S captures the off-road spirit of that era. At the same time, its riding characteristics make it a true member of today's R nineT family.

A motorcycle is like a flying carpet, taking the rider to places all over this planet. And riders are often moved to write about their trips, short or long, and we can read about their exploits in newspapers, magazines or books. Probably the first such narrative was written by George Wyman, who rode a California Motor Bicycle from San Francisco to New York in 1903, and wrote about his adventures in the Motorcycle magazine. Unfortunately his exploits have never appeared in book form, though much can be found on the Internet at The advantage of a book is that it lasts, and old copies can be found on the Internet at sites like—where all 10 of the books below can be found.

The BMW C 650 Sport scooter turns even a routine journey into a memorable riding experience. It is the perfect companion for anyone who is looking for a smart way to get around in the city.The powerful 60 hp (44 kW) two-cylinder in-line engine, which boasts a top speed of over 112 mph, allows you to get from A to B quickly and comfortably. The modern design with its clear focus on dynamics emphasizes the scooter's sporty feel. The stainless steel exhaust system not only creates a more attractive appearance, but it also generates an impressive sound. The delicate, yet agile chassis allows you to take corners with ease and weave through the narrow gaps in dense city traffic.

You can't lift a 238-kilo motorcycle over a tree trunk by yourself. And that was actually the whole point. The teams had to demonstrate what team spirit means.

Pulling the GS on a gravel road in the scorching heat. This challenge pushed the teams to their limits. But the riders didn't give up and instead joined forces to pull the heavily loaded bike on the bumpy path. The extreme challenges that the riders experienced in Thailand brought them closer together. They forged a community and friendships that will endure beyond their shared adventure.

Participants hailed from every corner of the earth and met for the first time at the Int. GS Trophy. But from the very beginning, this enduro adventure enjoyed an extremely supportive atmosphere.

The rumbling of powerful engines signalled a highlight of the London Fashion Week: the opening of the Belstaff shop. Headlights flared up in the evening twilight. Several bikers wearing leather and waxed jackets ride in front of the trendy shop. Exactly what the photographers had been waiting for. In the thick of it: fashion icon David Beckham. He almost brought the hustle and bustle of London's trendy Bond Street to a standstill. His companions arrived in front of the shop on fashionable Café Racers and Custom Bikes. Many of them brought along their own BMW custom bikes. Among them were Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel from Blitz Motorcycles in Paris. And the BMW boxer fan trio of Berliners Christoph Köhler, Marko Kramer and Martin 'Lemmi’ Lemcke – better known as MotorCircus – were not to be missed either.

Motorcyclists will refer to maintenance or repair of a motorcycle as wrenching in the USA and "spannering" in the UK. A do it yourself self-sufficiency is said to be part of motorcycles' allure in an "increasingly monolithic, unfixable world"[6] and being able to maintain one's own motorcycle is seen as part of the competency of being a motorcyclist.

Simply climb on and go, leave your daily routine behind and enjoy pure riding pleasure: The redesigned BMW F 800 GT gives you even more sporty and dynamic touring suitability on every journey – for idyllic lanes, winding mountain passes and endless highways. Thanks to a punchy two-cylinder in-line engine with an impressive 90 hp (66 kW) of power, every tour will get moving fast – and you'll be meeting the new EU-4 standard at the same time. This bike also comes with Ride-by-Wire, a range of riding modes and ABS as standard features. The comfort is increased by means of extensive wind and weather protection. The engine also adds to the touring quality with a quiet and powerful running smoothness, perfect for your journey. Other options include ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and the tried-and-tested Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). All you have to do is climb on and let your journey begin. Classic GT. Unstoppable tour.

All of our bikes come equipped with Windshields, Rain Suits, Helmets, and H-D® 15mm Super Hard Wire Cable Lock. A valid Motorcycle Drivers License is required and we will not rent to anyone under the age of 21. There is also a $2,000.00 security deposit required when renting a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. All deposits must be made on a major credit card. We offer Supplemental Liability Coverage, Personal Property Coverage, Loss Damage Waiver and Personal Accident Coverage (your personal insurance may not cover you in case of an accident).

Their premise is statistically sound too; according to their website, there are 30 million licensed riders in the States, and only 9 million registered motorcycles, meaning there are a lot of riders without a set of wheels out there. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the people who probably use the app most will be people who DO own their own bikes, and are just travelling, have their bike in the shop, or simply want to try something different from what they have.